›› Co Q 10. Miracle Vitamin or Useless Substance?

On my last visit to cardiologist I have addressed him a question about Coenzyme Q10 as a treatment option for my cardiomyopathy. According to his research and recently conducted trial he hasn’t found Coenzyme Q10 helpful for cardiomyopathy treatment. This research has been conducted per particular Coenzyme Q10 manufacturer request. More trails have been conducted by several different cardiologists. According to their feed back a strong correlation between recovery and Coenzyme Q10 intake has been discovered.

Lets take a look:
· Sixty-five cardiologists treating 806 patients for heart failure or ischemic
heart disease indicated "significant" benefits from CoQ10. (Langsjoen, PH,
Klinische Wochenschrift, 1988;66:583-90.)
· Twenty-five hundred heart failure patients at 173 Italian medical centers
were given 50 to 150 mg CoQ10 daily for three months. Eighty percent of the
patients had some type of improvement. (Clinical Investigator, Aug.
· A 12-month double-blind study compared 319 patients taking CoQ10
with 322 taking a placebo. CoQ10 reduced complications of heart failure as
well as the need for hospitalization. (Clinical Investigator, Aug.

This is just a small portion of positive Co Q 10 information you can find on an Internet. Looks promising. And us usual
it is up to me to make a decision. So, if it is no harm, what’s the hell, lets have. I decided to start with 50 mg/day.
Authenticity of the product is important, so I have bought my Co Q10 in Whole Foods Store. It is pretty expensive. Well,
now I have much more important things at stake than money.
Lets begin. 01 15 2006.
What is next? Dark Chocolate.

02 01 2006 It looks like I am tolerating Co Q10 well, meaning I feel nothing; no visible side effects. So I am increasing
it from 50 mg/day to 100 mg/day.



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