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Comprehensive Cardiomyopathy Treatment


E-book is available for immediate download.

Before downloading my E-book please keep in mind several things:

  1. I am not a medical professional. I have developed this guide of treatment using my own research and my personal experience. And thought several cardiologists to whom I have showed my book generally are agree with most of advises I am giving, they probably would not recommend it in its entirety as a standard treatment protocol for dilated cardiomyopathy. I think they would not do it mostly in order to protect their liability, but I could be wrong as well. In any way I am advising you to use common sense when applying all of the advices from my E-book.

  2. I am not a native English speaker. So perhaps you will find some linguistic peculiarities as well as some grammatical mistakes. Please have my apology for that. I am trying to explain everything in simple and straight forward manner. Most of the people who had downloaded my E-book have no difficulties reading it. And in any case you could send me e-mail with your question if you need clarification on some treatment options.

  3. Some people are accusing me in making money of people suffering. Let me tell you couple of words about financial base for my site. It was created and funded by me personally more than a year ago. For all this period it was practically invisible by ordinary Internet user. I reluctantly came to the conclusion of starting active advertisement complain, which is only option in Internet nowadays to deliver valuable information to people who heed it most.



Every time someone clicks on Advertisement Banner (as you did a minute ago) GOOGLE is deducting 10 cents from designated account. Site has about 3000 visitors a month, which makes monthly advertisement expenses $300. One out of 200 visitors is buying my e-book, equalizing monetary losses with cash inflow. Some months I am fifty dollars plus, some I am slightly on a negative territory. I donate my time in web design, creation and maintenance and I voluntarily spend as much time answering e-mails from people who decided to give my program a shot as I possibly can.

Thanks again for visiting my site and good luck.

S. A.

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