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   On this page I would like to talk a little bit about so called BNP test (B-type natriuretic Peptide),

about its importance, and what are the references ranges suppose to be for a healthy individual.
Typical reference ranges, which you probably are having in a blood work report
from local laboratory indicates numbers: 4-100 pg/mL. And this is pretty much correct in general sense;

however the more precise ranges have been established in 2002.


  45-54 years                     55-64 years                 65-74 years 75-83 years
Male 4-40 pg/mL 5-52 pg/mL 7-67 pg/mL 9-86 pg/mL
Female 8-73 pg/mL 10-93 pg/mL 13-120 pg/mL 16-155 pg/mL


There are some debates about reference ranges for patients younger than 45 and older than 83 years old.

Please check my E-book about my thoughts about this subject.





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