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Let me tell you up front that my general attitude toward my diet these days reminds me a stupid commercial of Capital One Bank Credit Card – you always have to say NO!

Here it is:

Say No to
Cold Cuts

Say No to
Canned Food

Say No to
Fat Food

Say No to
Spicy Food

Say No to
Salt  Especially             
Yes, most of us consume triple the recommended amount of daily sodium intake. And so, if you are at risk for potential heart failure you should limit your daily intake to 1500 milligrams. Well, you are right. Most Americans consume triple that amount, and about 3/4 of it comes not from the shaker but from processed foods.

If the one's kidneys can't eliminate enough sodium, it starts accumulate in the blood. That increases blood volume, which makes the heart work harder and puts more pressure on the arteries. Studies have linked high sodium diet with potential heart failure.

However and nevertheless heart muscle, as any other muscle in our body needs to be fed properly with right nutritious in order to get stronger. So food rich of high quality protein must be from now on a key component of my daily intake. I am picking fish, chicken and, well because cholesterol is not a primary concern beef. Every day I am trying to have at least two meat dishes. So if at lunchtime I am having chicken or fish, small beefsteak is for my pleasure in the evening. After sometime I have made an observation that I feel better having chicken or fish in the evening. So usually I eat my steak during lunch.

The major objective – not to overeat. My steak is usually not more than 9 ounces. So I feel energized, but not heavy. I am supplementing major source of protein with all sorts of beans (no canned food!). It takes a little time to cook and after short time I became a master of it. Of course it is not a good substitution to many culinary things I used to enjoy prior to my illness but now I have some more important things in my life to take care of.

Well, what’s in your…..stomach?

What is next? My Exercises



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