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Fish Oil.
There were two statements I have brought from my last appointment with cardiologist who’s specialty is a
cardiomyopathy - Fish oil could bring some benefits to your heart if your heart condition has a coronary nature. In plain English it can help reduce your cholesterol. If - You are getting enough fish oil in your daily intake. And here is a first problem – there is no comprehensive research (yes, despite supplements
booming industry) what is daily amount of fish oil intake should be. According to his own research – you will smell like a fish when you are getting enough (to fix your total cholesterol numbers) of fish oil.

So, lets take a look:

First. My cardiomyopathy has little to do with cholesterol. It is simply different creature, which staying separately from common nowadays cholesterol paranoia.

Second. Do I want to smell like a fish in order to pursue this illusive treatment option? Well, quiet frankly I don’t care. If it will help me for just a small bit there is plenty of perfume around to suppress my fish smell.
And there is something else. It looks like fish oil is beneficial with all sorts of mental disorders, with depression in particular. It is not a secret that my mental state is down pretty much these days, so mostly because of this I have decided to start taking 500 mg of fish oil daily. And keeping in mind to go up to 1000 if no stomach upset or some other side effects.
So, What is next? Sleep Apnea



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