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Sleep Apnea
As I have mentioned earlier my current cardiologist’s specialty is cardiomyopathy and his strong theory there is a
lot of correlation between Cardiomyopathy and Sleepapnea. Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder affecting
men, women and children in all age groups. Apnea means no breathing so sleep apnea means pauses in
breathing during sleep. The airway becomes blocked and breathing stops repeatedly during sleep.
One in five adults has at least mild sleep apnea and one in fifteen adults
have at least moderate sleep apnea. OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) affects
1-3% of children. Sleep apnea can be treated effectively.

Well, we have a case perhaps. We have his strong theory and we have a
guinea pig, which is ill with Cardiomyopathy (myself).

So, lets conduct a test.

Lets conduct two tests to be precise.
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The first test I have scheduled to be done in cardiologist lab. Lets call it lab test.
And I also have found a group, which is conducting extensive study about sleep apnea. They have offered me a
comprehensive 4 days test. For three days I will have to wear a watch like device and for one night technician will
come to my place and wire me out for one night. Lets call it home test. Upon competition I‘ll be reworded with $50. Not
bad, considering the rest of my medical - financial relationship where money is going to different direction - out of my
And as usual I will keep you posted. And what is next?
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